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Default 7600 can't read EDID, no X display

I just upgraded from a 6600 to a 7600GS (both PCI Express). The 7600 works OK in text mode, but I get nothing but a black screen when I start X. The monitor acts like the signal disappeared. It works fine with the 6600.

According to the log, the 7600 seems unable to read the EDID. If I specify the exact same modeline that worked with the 6600, the log shows everything is fine, the mode is in use, but no display at all. I tried two different monitors, both of which work with the 6600, and same result -- the log complains about the EDID, and I get a blank screen.

This is nearly the same problem as mentioned in this thread:

except text mode display does work OK for me.

Any hope that a new version of the driver, or a card bios update will fix the problem? Has anybody else seen this?

I did try "UseEDID" "FALSE", and it made no difference. I also noticed in the log that the driver thinks this card is an "unknown chipset". (It reports the GPU implementation as 0x4b.)


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