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Default Dumb glxgears query

This could be a silly question, but it's probably worth asking just on the off-chance...

How fast are the glxgears supposed to spin? Last time I remember using the program (some years ago), the gears would spin extremely quickly. But on this system they seem slow - the green gear takes over two seconds to rotate once. Has glxgears changed? Or is there a problem with my setup? The FPS is reported by glxgears as around 4000 FPS.

I am using the x86_64 'nvidia' driver (8762) with, TwinView enabled, for an XFX 6600GT on 2.6.17 (but I have always seen the same thing on 2.6.16 and possibly 2.6.12). From /proc/driver/nvidia/registry it appears that NvAGP is set to '3', although I have it set to '0' in my xorg.conf (is this a problem in itself?).

Apart from that, graphics seem 'choppy'. Dragging any window around on the desktop is very jumpy. Maybe I am wrong about glxgears but I have a feeling something isn't right with my setup.

Thanks for any help,
Steven Chamberlain

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