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Ok heres the deal, definately reformat and reinstall windows, i had to after switching from my 9700pro to the fx ultra and everything is great now. Also as others have said you must make sure all your drivers are up to date as well as your bios. As far as the fx bashing goes , it never ceases to amze me how some ati fanatics will just hang around fx forums like vultures waiting to flame. W/ that said, it should be known that i own a 9700pro and fx ultra , and with the new nvidia 43.45 drivers i have beaten my highest bench in 3dmark03 that was obtained w/ my 9700pro.With these drivers i.q as well as performance has been increased. And while before i have had thoughts of putting my 9700pro back in, now i am more than content with the fx and will most likely put my 9700pro in my secondary rig. It seems as though they are now just really starting to tap into the fx 's capabilites through the drivers. flame on ati fanatics if ya want but realize, they are both great cards.
btw, 3dmark does collect info on the card before 3d mode kicks in and this is why it is showing 2d mode clock speeds!

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