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Default Re: 7600 can't read EDID, no X display

For posterity's benefit, here's my analysis of the problem. Now that it's working, I notice that the 7600GS calls the monitor "CRT-1", whereas the 6600 called it "CRT-0". But when I used "ConnectedMonitor CRT", the log showed the 7600GS was looking for CRT-0.

My guess is that for the 6600, CRT-0 is the VGA connector, and CRT-1 is used when the VGA-DVI adapter is plugged to the DVI port. And for the 7600GS, the situation is reversed. So when I specified CRT, it defaulted to CRT-0, and was looking for a VGA connector on the DVI port, and couldn't find one, because of course I had it plugged into the regular VGA port.

Probably if I had specified "CRT-1" in the config file it would have worked. I'll give that a try later and post the result here.

Anyway, thanks again for your help, Lonni.

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