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Default twinview with different sized displays

I am looking at getting some new monitors (in part out of frustration at this problem:

I will buy two digital lcd's, but the twist is I'm considering getting a widescreen as the primary, and a 4:3 as the secondary to the right of it. I'm pretty sure I don't want a widescreen with 1680x1050 resolution, because when paired with a 1280x1024 display I would face either a dead area or panning on one of the displays, right? (I want both monitors running at their optimal res.)

So I'm looking at a widescreen with a native 1900x1200 resolution and a 1600x1200 screen to the right of it. Before I make such a purchase I want to ensure that twinview will support this configuration without dead areas, panning or any other undesirable side effects.

I guess my metamodes line should look like this once I get the monitors:
Option "MetaModes" "1900x1200,1600x1200"
Will twinview work in this configuration to allow me a 3500x1200 desktop, without problems?
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