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Default Re: crash with OpenGL app on GeForce FX 5900

It looks like a heat problem after all.

Although my system crashes far below from the 140 degree celsius, which the bios of the card allows for the core temperature. But over 80 degree celsius temperature on the GPU core my system always became unstable.
Well, I have disassembled my video card and removed lots of dust from it. Most likely the dust has prevented the ventilation. At the moment my system runs stable.

It must be due to the special layout of the card, maybe the location of the memory chips, why quitting an OpenGL app was able to crash the X-Server a few seconds later. But it correlated with the GPU core temperature.

The only thing the Nvidia driver guys could do about it: Maybe some temperature warning with user-defined values would be useful in this case. I think the vendor's default values are way too optimistic.


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