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Default pbuffer rendering in background X-session


I have a rendering program running that uses wglCreatePbufferARB to create a context for OpenGL rendering. When I use a single X-session, the program works fine and rendered images can be retrieved and used (sent to to a web server).

What I would like to do is set things up entirely in the background:

1. start two X sessions, e.g. via
startx (start first session)
startx -- :1 (start second session from different console)
2. start the rendering program in one X-session
3. use the computer from the other X-session, i.e. make this the foreground X session, via, e.g. CTRL-ALT-F7/F8

I've tried setting this up, but things only work when the rendering program is in the foreground X-session (I can happily switch between them, but rendering only occurs at those times that the program X-session is active).

Any feedback on whether it is possible to do this would be gratefully received. The hardware is a Tyan K8WE motherboard, with two Quadro FX3450 PCIexpress cards (I'm only use one currently, but if separate cards for separate X servers is the way to go can configure this).

Many thanks
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