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Default Re: What card for 1080P60 with XvMC

I'm using a FX5200 to output 1080p to my westy via DVI. Not using XvMC as I seem to actually get a better/smoother display without it with my Northwood 2.8GHz P4. I only get an occasional stutter -- typically at the beginning of playback. I have a split FE/BE myth system.

I've been using this setup for some time (about 2 years now with the only change being adding the westy at the beginning of this year). The only issue which I have, and I am finally looking to overcome, is that i must underscan playback by 3% or I get an odd looking display that almost appears to be noise in the picture. I've run across other references to this type of problem and need to determine if getting a higher-end card will eliminate the problem. (I don't mind spending the money if I know it will fix the problem but I don't want to waste the money being a guinea pig -- I've done enough of that.)
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