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Default Re: 7900GT poor performance

Okay update.

I took the card back and they didn't find anything wrong with it. Feeling a tad suspect, I brought it home along with a new HD so I could install Windows on a spare machine which I then tested the card in. On Windows using 91.28 I played Quake 4 for about half an hour and the GPU temp didn't go above 77C, no glitches no bugs everything was great. Put it back in the linux machine and 10 seconds of glxgears was all it took to break using 87.62 drivers.

I used a Geforce 6200 in the linux machine for a while without any dramas so I'm not thinking that the motherboard is at fault here. Anyone like to chime in with something else I could try? Will Nibitor do anything for me as it seems that maybe it's a kooky bug in the drivers or something?

Any help at all would be appreciated

EDIT: I tried Nibitor just to have a look and the options I was going for aren't available

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