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Default Re: Opinions on driver license

Originally Posted by pierrec
when you don't get as many features on one OS vs. some other OS, but you still have to pay the same price for the card, I wouldn't call that slightly childish impatience, and the whining is perfectly justified.
I don't think so. You buy a card, and at that time you investigate the market. You have some OS and you look if the card supports it and to what level.
Then your requirements change. The newest OS release has features that your card does not yet support. I don't think you can request action from the card manufacturer when you have already bought something and your requirements change.

Have a look next year, when Vista is released. *a lot* of people will be left in the cold because it does not support their current hardware. They have to buy new hardware to run Vista. Are they entitled to whine because the card they bought already does not work with Vista?
No, they should be thankful when their manufacturer releases a new driver, and when it doesn't, they will have to buy new hardware that says "Vista" on the box. Even when the OS is still called Windows, a completely new version like Vista may require new drivers. Same when under the Linux OS name, a completely new X server is released.

Having Linux drivers does not entitle you to continued support of bleeding-edge features. I think it is already very commendable that Linux kernel releases are tracked so closely by driver releases and patches, and you cannot expect the same for the much larger changes required by new X servers with modified driver interface.
And it is not even that nvidia have told us they are not going to support new X servers, it just takes some time. Another company might have left you in the cold at the time XF86 was replaced by Xorg.
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