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Default Unable to get driver to work, fails loading GLX?


Recently I've changed to the 2.6.18-rcX series of the kernel since I've had problems with 2.6.17.X and my SATA-drive. At first I was forced to use the VESA-driver since the nvidia-driver wouldn't compile, but since the patches was released I've been trying to get the nvidia driver to work. However it doesn't want to work for some reason and I'm not sure whether it's the drivers fault or some bad library mismatch in Debian.

The driver worked fine under 2.6.16.X and 2.6.17.X, but under 2.6.18-rcX doesn't want to start, last line in the log file is "(II) Initializing extension GLX" which suggests to me it's something with GLX. I tried booting up an old 2.6.17.X kernel and it appears that it's not working there either, same thing happens.

I used to install the kernel with Debian's tools (module-assistant), but it doesn't work for 2.6.18-rcX (I tried copying the updated into the directory used by m-a but it didn't help) so I'm using the nvidia installer.

Computer specifications:
AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (Venice)
2x1024MB PC3200
MSI GeForce 7600GS 256MB
WD Caviar 120GB Special Edition
Samsung SpinPoint P120 250GB SATA2
NEC ND-2500
Debian Sid (unstable)
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