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Default Re: pbuffer rendering in background X-session

Thanks for the reply, Thunderbird.

It's partly trying to make the most of limited resources. The machine is the main visualisation server used within a VR lab. The web server running on the machine is set up to provide real-time interactive graphics to any connected web browser (similar approach to SGI's VizServer, but via a standard browser interface). As well as keeping the web server running continually, I also want to allow people to log in at the machine and use its graphics features normally, so using a separate X-session (and maybe the second FX3450 card) for their login, from the one that the web server uses for its own rendering needs, is desirable.

A side issue is that I'm also trying to measure how fully the graphics card resources on a multi-card / multi-processor setup can be used. For a lot of the work, the VGA/DVI card outputs aren't needed, but the ability to render to pixel buffers and pull these back into main memory as fast as possible, is. It would be useful to know if separate X servers, each using it's own card will work, or if a single X server with access to both cards is going to be better.

Hope that this makes sense. I'm not sure that I've explained it as well as I might, but it's a bit of an odd configuration and I'm still working through my own mental model of the architecture.

All the best,

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