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Default Vertical green lines when playing DVDs

I recently installed Ubuntu 6.06 on an old Athlon 1GHz system which has an Nvidia GeForce 2 MX-200 AGP card. The Nvidia binary drivers have been installed using Ubuntu's "Synaptic" package manager, and xorg.conf edited to use the "nvidia" driver.

Initially there was a problem with short, black vertical lines following the cursor around on some parts of the screen. This was fixed by turning off the hardware cursor in xorg.conf.

Now the card works fine aside from one annoying problem -- when playing DVDs, noisy, shifting, green vertical lines appear within the DVD display window. (They are also present if the DVD is played in full-screen mode.) This occurs in Xine, Ogle, and Mplayer.

Is there an xorg.conf option that can be set to eliminate or reduce this problem? (I realize this is an old, low-performance card but I'm not a gamer and it otherwise is working great for everything I'm doing.)
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