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Default Re: Opinions on driver license

I do not have read all the topic but few things.
What i understand of that probleme is that inserting non-GPL kernel-module inside the linux kernel is simply illegal.

The poll seems to say that is a user choice. But it is not. Since Novell do not provide anymore closed module (As Fedora/Redhat that i use) they only move the legality problem to the responsability of the users... This is not a acceptable!

The linux kernel is GPL, then all module for that kernel need to be at least GPL. Since we use linux and with Nvidia 3d acceleration or not we need to have fully functionnal hardware. This implies to provide a linux driver to the users and this driver must be GPL...

The main problem behind this, is that the developpment of the whole architecture of the kernel is made difficult if driver are not open sources! That is why it is different from non-GPL sofware under linux that do not need to be open-source.
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