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Default Re: Vertical green lines when playing DVDs

Originally Posted by netllama
Can you capture this problem in a screenshot?

Additionally, please generate and attach an nvidia-bug-report.log while the problem is present.

Thanks for the reply. I tried using a sceen capture program to get an image, but the DVD player screen just comes up blank with a blue background. (Some kind of copy protection?) So I managed to get a snapshot using Xine's built in capture function -- but that captured image does not display the symptoms.

Another strange thing, while moving stuff around on the screen I accidentally started a second copy of xine -- and this second copy plays normally, while the first copy is still displaying the dancing green lines on the program's startup screen. Then, if you exit the first instance of Xine, the second continues to play normally. Bizarre.

Since the screen shot does not show anything useful it is not attached here, but I did attach a zipped copy of the log file. Since the captured image looks OK I'm wondering if this is some kind of hardware problem in getting the card's output correctly to the screen rather than a driver problem.
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