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Default Re: TwinView not working: FX 5200 on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS

Thank you for your prompt response.

Regarding "Failed to initialize the GLX module", this happened because I installed the older Ubuntu NVidia driver package. When I update to the latest (with apt-get install nvidia-glx) then that error message goes away.

Regardless of whether or not that message appears, my results are the same.

Regarding the lack of "TwinViewOrientation", I did add that option during the course of my troubleshooting and it did not affect the results. (I was planning on adding that option after I got X to run with both output devices.)

Nevertheless, I made both of the changes you requested so you can see that GLX is working and that I have tried the "TwinViewOrientation" option. The updated nvidia-bug-report.log is attached. The result is the same.

Regarding your comment, "In most of those cases the VBIOS on their videocard is not setup to allow this configuration (TV+some other display device simultaneously).", I have seen your response about the VBIOS before, in a forum thread by a guy having the example same problem as me. I wondered if maybe my card simply does not support TV-OUT dual head.

However, I believe that the FX 5200 does support dual-head with TV-OUT, as I have read forum claims that it has worked for others, and I believe that my problem is a driver bug as described here: and here: .

The other guy that had the same problem as me (on an FX 5200) had a working dual-head with TV-OUT until the latest driver broke it for him. I can't find that other thread right now... it was in this forum... drat!

Is there some way to test (other than having two CRTs) if my card will support dual-head display with a TV-OUT? This is a PNY "Verto" GeForce FX 5200 AGP 8x card.

Please advise...
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