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Default Re: TwinView not working: FX 5200 on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS

I've solved the problem. It works and I am absolutely thrilled with my MythTV box!

I was wondering why my X log said "TV-0" and "CRT-1", instead of "TV-0" and "CRT-0". I noticed in my X log that it was still recognizing my motherboard's built-in SiS video display chipset, so I thought that might be causing some kind of hardware conflict.

After futzing around with the hardware, looking for jumpers to disable the onboard SiS video chipset, I decided to try something very simple: I moved my LCD monitor from the right-most VGA plug to the left-most VGA plug. It worked!

Suddenly CRT-1 was gone, but CRT-0 showed up, and I am able to use TwinView with CRT-0 and TV-0 without any problems! ROCK!

I am shocked that in all my reading about this problem (the README, many Google results, several dozen forum postings, etc.) nobody mentioned this even once. Weird. Lonni, if you work for NVidia you might want to have them drop a note about that in the README.

Thanks for all your help!
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