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Default Re: Anyone else with hard lockup with PCI-express?

Originally Posted by justinj
I know there are a few threads regarding a lockup on a PCI express 6200 with ATI RS480 bridge, but I'm trying to figure out if this is related ONLY to the 6200, or to ALL nvidia pci-express video cards paired with the ATI RS480 bridge.
I have random full system lockups just sitting idle about once a day, and it fails within the first few minutes of trying to watch a video. I have a gigabyte 6600LE card. I don't want to waste my time looking for another problem if this problem is for all nvidia pci-express cards on the rs480 chipset.

Basically, I'm asking - Does anyone else have hard lockups (a crash requiring reboot), with the NVIDIA pci-express cards (other than the 6200, a pr has evidently been opened for the 6200) using the latest linux drivers from NVIDIA? So has anyone else seen this on the 6600, 6800, or the 7300, or am I the only one?

My lockups go away when I use the open source driver, but my TV output goes away when I use the open source driver. I bought the card for TV output, so thats not really an option for me. I really don't want to have to buy a new motherboard or new graphics card to be able to use linux...

Same problems on a 7300GS with accelerated 'nv' driver
No problema at all with 'nvidia' driver

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