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Exclamation Xorg 7.1 - we're waiting!

So NVIDIA is updating the driver to be compatible to test kernels - 2.6.18 still isn't out, yet the driver was updated 2 weeks ago.

On the other hand, Xorg 7.1 is out for 2 months, the driver ABI change was introduced months earlier (presumably proposed by NVIDIA developer!), we're being promised the new 9x.xx driver for months and Xorg 7.1 support is "planned" (on recent driver versions we're being told to check for updates - again, for months now).

There are beta versions of 91.xx for Windows, there are beta versions of nForce drivers for Vista (the system that won't be released for next 6 months). Yet, Xorg 7.1 is here now and all NV has to say about it is "it is recommended that you use an older version of Xorg until support for Xorg 7.1 has been added to the NVIDIA X driver". Please, tell Vista testers to downgrade to Windows XP and wait half a year after its release, we'll see the results.

Until then, NVIDIA, treat us as paying customers, which we are. If you don't want to open your drivers so that we can fix them by ourselves, because you think we're too dumb to understand your fine code - that's fine! You don't want anyone to see how bad the code really is - that's fine, too! You don't want other people to break something trying to fix it - that's also perfectly fine! Really, I have nothing against closed source driver... if it's supported. Yours isn't and we, Linux users, are tired of empty promises. We want to be able to use the hardware we paid for as long as it's officialy supported. The current situation is that even the newest $1000 card won't "work" (one monitor and no 3D acceleration with "nv" driver is not what I call "working $1000 card").

The driver is written for Xorg and depends on the kernel. The kernel gets support for "pre" versions, where Xorg doesn't get support for stable versions (being released tens of times less frequently).

To all fellow NVIDIA users - ATI people already get it, so the customers who paid them get Xorg 7.1 drivers not compiling under kernel 2.6.18-rc - that's the way that can be expected.

NVIDIA, ATI is laughing at your face and their fanboys are laughing at mine. I was so loyal for all those years, now, in return, please do something!
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