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Default Re: Xorg 7.1 - we're waiting!

I don't want this thread to escalate into a flamewar and will likely close it soon. One thing Nvidia isn't required at all to give you Linux drivers at all. A vendor like Asus, MSI, .. bought GPUs from Nvidia and build videocards around them. Nvidia only supplied the GPU and provides drivers to your vendor. The box of the videocard you bought ONLY mentions Windows support and officially the manufacturer of the card (Asus, MSI ..) need to provide your with drivers. As they only list Windows support they only have to provide those drivers. Nvidia legally isn't required at all to provide us all with (reference) drivers.

That Nvidia is so nice to provide *nix drivers has to do with big customers ('Hollywood', hospitals ..) which request Linux drivers. Further if feature 'x' is not available on Linux but is on Windows then again Nvidia isn't required at all to provide this functionality on Linux. You paid your vendor (Asus, MSI ..) for a windows card.
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