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Default Re: Opinions on driver license

Thx for the quality of your explanation!
This thread answears many things I wonder!

I not really a geek on linux but i'm interesting in packaging rpm on Fedora Core. So i may be wrong sometime. Fell free to correct me.
Actually, there is a debate on repositories for rpm because the maintainer fall support of the kmod-vidia precompiled rpm. The reason invoqued is that it possibly violate the GPL. That's why i am interested in that question.
If releasing the Nvidia pre-compiled module is illegal (with or without the kernel?) why this is deported to the user choice?
I expect this question is raising because of the Kororaa case. But this may be link with a distrib that aim to test accelerated 3d on aiglx (or xgl i don't remember!)

The thing that is clear is that releasing the whole source may not be possible easily. But, for example intel releases a GPL driver for their ipw2200 wifi chipset. And there is a firmware with it (not sourced). Why Nvidia could not do the same? They (intel) are not making patch all the time to work with the more recent kernel!

There is a lot of thing that cannot work with the driver for example xen do not work at all (that 's mean pacifica with Windows upon linux do not work). And aiglx neither because of the implementation of the texture_from_pixmap inside the driver.(we are currently wait for...)

The main problem of that last question is that few mount ago. Nvidia tells the developper kernel what is better to do for architecturing aiglx, so developpers may fell dispossess from their work on the kernel. That's led to the question : is it the kernel to fit the module rules or the module to fit the kernel's ones. Maybe it is an interaction...But I fell this GPL question is raising because kernel developpers wants the interact to go more in their way and to control the whole developpement.

Intel will release 3d integrated chipset with the release and the needs of Vista and maybe also aiglx (possibly with Fedora Core 6?...). They are usually fair with developpement on linux releasing GPL drivers. Why Nvidia could not do the same?

The needs are for exemple maya for linux , or blender. This is not only games. And the aiglx will bring to the standart desktop the needs for ererybody of 3d acceleration hardware!

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