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Default Re: Hardware acceleration for Linux?

Thanks for all of your replies. I did read up the NVIDIA site & looked up the doc specifically for SuSe ( It said the best way to update the driver is to use YAST. But the options mentioned there don't exactly match up with the ones on my system.

To begin with, I tried adding the new server :
YaST -> Software -> installation Source -> Add

Protocol: FTP
Server Name: :
Directory on Server: novell

But, not sure what should be user name & password. Did not work with the account I created. I am checking with NVIDIA support as well.

Just for kicks, I did try mplayer -vo xvmc, but it came back with an error saying it could not open the video out device.

How do I check what version of the driver is installed? I did not see anything when I did lsmod, so I guess its part of the kernel?

Sorry to bug you all, but thanks again.
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