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and this has already been addressed in R350 which surpasses the FX's dx9"+"specs.
No, the R350 is an optimized R300 core. It has added programabiliy in some area's however it does not surpass the FX for programability. Nvidia have that at least - if you take a look at the comparison charts around the net for the R300/350 against DX9 against the FX then the FX clearley has more programability. But then if it never gets used its not going to matter is it. Im sure it was Carmack that said he was going to be basing his future projects on the things the NV30 made possible.


Found the quote on this...

Developers on GeForce FX - John Carmack (Id Software)
NVIDIA Is the first of the consumer graphics chip companies to firmly understand what is going to be happening with the convergence of consumer realtime and professional offline rendering. The architectural decision in the NV30 to allow full floating point precision all the way to the framebuffer and texture fetch, instead of just in internal paths, is a good example of far sighted planning. It has been obvious to me for some time how things are going to come together, but Nvidia has made moves on both the technical and company strategic fronts that are going to accelerate the timetable over my original estimations.

My current work on Doom is designed around what was made possible on the original GeForce, and reaches an optimal implementation on the NV30. My next generation of work will be designed around what is made possible on the NV30.

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