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Default Re: Hardware acceleration for Linux?

Originally Posted by harishv
Just for kicks, I did try mplayer -vo xvmc, but it came back with an error saying it could not open the video out device.
This probably means that mplayer was not compiled with xvmc support.
You have to do this AFTER you install the driver, as unfortunately a library distributed with the driver is linked to mplayer.

After you unpack the mplayer source, you need to do:
./configure --enable-xvmc
(maybe you want to --enable other things as well)

then make and make install it.

I am interested in your results, I am not that happy about the xvmc stuff myself. in SD it results in poor video (because no processing like de-interlacing is being done) and in HD I have performance problems that seem to be related to interrupt sharing or bus bandwidth problems.
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