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Originally posted by RobHague
lol in your completley un-bias opinion. If carmack thinks its worthwhile then thats more than enough credentials for me. I look forward to doom3 very much

I think the "fx perfromance is rubbish" thing is kinda old now, stop floging a dead horse lol.
WTF are you talking about?!
Carmack didn't say that the extra programmability is worthwhile for the customers! In fact, he even said he won't really use it before his next engine!

And the NV30's extra programmability on the Vertex Shader front could be an advantage in real-time scenarios. But the extra programmability in Pixel Shaders *can't* - it's pretty much death at 60 instructions already! Maybe less, not sure, been a long time since I seen those numbers.

The NV30 PS performance *is* pathetic, want it or not. That's the main reason while I have, a few months ago, gone from "The NV30 isn't all that great, but it's still quite good." to "The NV30 isn't good."

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