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Default Howto determine which OpenGL operations slow down the game?

Hi there,

I plan to create a small 3d game using the Ogre3d engine, however I only get terrible performance even out of the demos. My laptop is equipped with an GF488Go (NV17) card - I know very lowest end but shouldn't that be enough for a lowest-end 3d game?

Some demos are completly OK, other suck - the quake3 demo level runs with 5-10fps in 640x480 (changing resolution does not help much, maybe +3-4fps) with about 10.000 triangles, the terrain demo is also terrible with 8.000-40.000 triangles.

I guess some GL mode has been set or some operations are used which this GPU does not like at all - but how can I find it out? For CPU problems advanced profiler exist, but are there easy methods of doing opengl profiling?

Thank you in advance, lg Clemens
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