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Default Re: Hardware acceleration for Linux?

Since YAST had taken me nowhere, I decided to do it the traditional way. Here is what I did :

1. As per the recommendations here, I booted out of X and installed the latest X86-64 driver.

2. Wiped out my mplayer binaries and reconfigured/reinstalled using..
./configure --enable-xvmc
make; make install

3. Rebooted back into X & ran mplayer (as root)..
./mplayer -vo xvmc -vc ffmpeg12mc MPEG-2-HD-Clip

You guys were right, it needs that special codec
Now, I do see a bunch of xvmc messages & one of them being "xvmc accelerated MPEG-2".

But, the funny thing is "top" still shows a max CPU util of ~60% (basically no change in CPU usage at all)!! I think I'm still missing something.

Should I run /usr/bin/tiny-nvidia-installer?

Thanks again
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