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Default WoW Guild

I started a guild called "Linux Alliance" on a US server and a few people were upset that it wasn't on an oceanic one, so now I've deleted all of that and am setting it up on the oceanic server. I'll need signatures all all that. Forums are going to be up as soon as the new harddrive get installed into the webserver. Here's the info you need to know for now.

Purpose: To have fun with other Linux users/supporters (even if they play WoW on a Mac/Windows) and expose Linux to more people. That doesn't mean preaching, but for people to that Linux is growing. This isn't a "My OS is better than your OS" guild, even though we all know the answer to that...

Server: Aman'Thul // Normal (PvE) // Oceanic
Affiliation: Horde
Guild Master's PC: Uunuuru // Send mails or tells to that PC to arange signatures / joining.

Thanks for the support, even if it's just to create a PC to sign the guild sheet. Also, any in-game donations will prove to be very helpful to get it started.

Other ways of contacting me if I'm not on:
e-mail: joe (@)
ICQ: 42574651
AIM: angrykiddjoe
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