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Default Re: HDTV (1920x1080) video + nvidia + mythtv = Frustration

Originally Posted by Tonyt1234563

Does anyone know if the issues at the top of this post were solved? I am seeing the exact same problems Surat posted months ago, with the current latest drivers, latest core, etc.

I also have the 6600 and need to run in 1080i. I also got it to run in 1920 with bad overscan, and lockup on video.

Does anyone run Myth in HD mode with a 6600? How the heck did you do it!?

A few workarounds I used:
Fake a twinview config with the VGA port, the video will have video tearing, but at least it's useable.
Ended up just buying a VGA->Component transcoder..... which costs more than motherboard w/6150.

The only successes for 1080i w/ xv(mc) video that I've found are for AGP boards. Everything works fine under MS Windows, so doubt it's a hardware problem and just something quirky under linux.
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