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Default Kubuntu on Turion 64x2

Hi everyone,

I am running Kubuntu (kernel 2.6.15-26-amd64-k8-smp) on an Asus laptop equipped with a Turion 64x2 dual core processor. I have nForce chipset, nvidia GeForce 7600 graphic card, RAM 2GB, HD 100 GB.
I find serious problems when using 3D accelerated nvidia drivers:

1. if no OpenGL software is running, after a little work (it can be 2 min or 30 min, and while typing this thread it happened twice, I am now under windoz...) the screen freezes and only the pointer still remains active. I have to reboot, even if sometime, not always, I can access via ssh and "softly" reboot

2. if any OpenGL software is running or is invocked, the screen becomes unreadable due to strange colored stripes and patterns. The machine is then inaccessible and I can only reboot. This can happen just launching the software or after some minutes.

What's going on? Can anybody help me?Do I necessarily have to wait untill newer kernel and drivers releases?
I need graphic acceleration to work, and I would like to use all the potentials of this machine (believe me it has really great potentials running 64 bit applications supporting multi cpu)

Thanks ,


P.S. I forgot to report that if I use "nv" driver I can use it for days with no relevant problem without rebooting
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