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Originally posted by ChrisRay
The r300 is the most limited DirectX 9.0 card available right now.

I'm sure nvidia will whatever they can to rectify that *cough*DX9 for $79*cough*

If you don't buy for new tech, Then what are you buying for?

only the best performance and IQ currently available

People claim the r300 is very future proof, In Actuality, It's not, Your argument basically reiterates that.

yeah don't be fooled by the 9700pro's amazing performance and no.1 spot in WHQL-certified benchmarks, it'll be below minimum spec for new games in a couple of months.

it's so absurd how people are saying that the NV30 is so great because it goes beyond DX9 when it's having trouble keeping up with 7-months older 9700pro even now

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