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Default Re: HDTV (1920x1080) video + nvidia + mythtv = Frustration

Well I just bought a new 30" Samsung SlimFit HDTV.

I have struggled for about 3 hours today with it.

I have a 7600GT with a Samsung 930B LCD via DVI and the HDTV via both component and DVI->HDMI (I tried both).

If I set up just the TV - then I can get 1080i on component (but I want DVI - as thats why I got a TV with HDMI in). Video playback is fine.

If I set up TV with 1080i component, and LCD as a second logical screen in X - hard freeze on Xv playback.

If I set up the TV as DVI->HDMI, I can only get 1280x720 on the DVI out to the TV. I can do 1280x1024 on the LCD. Xv playback is fine. Only fails with the component out.

Do I need to set up a modeline to let it do 1080i on the DVI? I mean is something wrong with the EDID that is reported from the TV back via DVI that it won't accept 1920x1080?
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