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Default SMP system hangs with OpenGL

I recently built a dual Athlon box (Tyan Tiger MPX) and my GF4 Ti4200 just hung the system when I tried an OpenGL visualization plugin through XMMS. Damn. Cursor still worked, but everything else was frozen. Anyone else have this problem? I had the same thing years ago on my dual-Celeron box with a PCI Riva TNT card. I figured by now this would be fixed.

System is Red Hat 7.3 with 2.4.18-5 kernel, SMP kernel and GLX drivers.

Any tips would be appreciated. Like is this a kernel problem, or a driver problem? Are there some BIOS settings that might help? I'm running with the 'mem=nopentium' option, by the way. Given some pointers I'll even start trying to fix this myself, I'm that desperate.

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