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Default Re: HDTV (1920x1080) video + nvidia + mythtv = Frustration

Originally Posted by mythtv_buster
Sounds like you haven't tried a 1080i modeline. Without it how are you expecting to get 1080i out?

On the other hand, although the TV accepts 1080i input it is clearly going to scale it down at least in the horizontal direction as the specs for the TV, from Samsungs website, say it has a "Maximum of 800 lines horizontal resolution". That means instead of 1920 pixels across you are only going to see 800. If you can get 1080i to work compare it with the 1280x720 (720p) which you say you already got working and see which one looks better. If you can't get 1080i to work then use 720p -- its still HD.
Thanks for the quick response. I haven't tried a 1080i modeline yet for two reasons - one is that it worked fine on an ATI card by just adding "1920x1080" to the area for resolution in xorg.conf and the other is that 1080i worked for component the same way. Its just this nvidia card was being finicky. Could you recommend a safe modleline to start with that i can work from? I dont have another hard drive to install windows on and use powerstrip, and have heard some horror stories from using wrong ones to start.
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