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Default Geforce FX MIA


GeForceFX 5800 MIA:
We have now confirmed through multiple sources that it is highly likely that the GeForceFX 5800 (yes, non-Ultra & Ultra) will never show up in major US retail outlets in any quantity whatsoever. I think there are several factors surrounding this and Vince Freeman over at HardwareCentral has some insight in an editorial.

While it's unknown just what fate will befall the GeForce FX 5800 Ultra, it's becoming clear that there are definite allocation issues with Nvidia's high-end chips. Whether it's fabrication partner TSMC failing to make the grade, or issues concerning the card design, I sense that card vendors are waiting for Nvidia to exhale and get them some chips.

Actually I think the guillotine has already fallen and we just have not heard the head hit the basket yet.
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