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Unhappy 7800gt installing Linux issue

Whenever I attempt to install Linux in graphical mode I get a weird corruption that locks up the computer (except the mouse still moves on the screen). Some of the time I get a partial display of the install GUI but it always looks like my monitor was hit by a bat.

I'm running an Athlon x2 3800+
and a Geforce 7800gt

I've tried fedora 6, 5, 4 and Ubuntu. Both 32 and 64bit versions of each.
All of them do the exact same thing.

I ran a test on my 2 roommates computers. One of them had a Geforce 7800gt
and it acted the same as mine is.
The other installed perfectly ::angry face::

So my conclusion is that the 7800 isn't supported during an install. (Since it says "display device nVidia unknown 0900"...or something close to it before it loads x.)

So I install in text mode and get the nvidia drivers installed but when I startx the same problem happens.

I've seen this problem a bunch of times, and no one ever gets it resolved...the threads just die.

Long story short...I'm wondering if there is anyway to get the driver data from the .run file on nVidia's website and use it in a "linux dd" install? Maybe force the system to work with my card before it craps out.

Thanks in advanced for any help at all,
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