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Default OpenGL fullscreen resize problem

I have looked through many threads so far and have not run into one which matches this, so I have opted to post.

My machine: (decided to give the LINUX Journal Ultimate LINUX box a go)
MB: ABIT AN8 32x 939
CPU: AMD64 4200+ Athlon X2
RAM: Corsair 1Gx2 (4G total)
Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 204B
Card: eVGA e-Gforce 7900GT

The problem is this, when I run cedega/WoW or UT2004 the game switches to fullscreen. However, only a fraction of the screen is used. My desktop is running at 1600x1200 and this is the "aparent" resolution of the fullscreen as well. Though, UT2004 starts at 600x800 and my WoW setup is 1024x1280. When this mode is entrered, you can hear the fan on the GPU spin up. It will spin down when the card exits this mode.

This would not be too bad but... in the WoW game I can only see the upper left part of the login screen (maybe 600x800) and can not do anything about it (save ctrl-c the game). In UT2004 I can try to alter the screen size un the setup menu. When I try to access the menu, the system locks up hard (i.e. no logs not to /var/log/messages nada.

What have I tried:

1) Thought the video card might be bad, so I went outr and bough a PNY Geforce 6600 PCI-E card. Tried the same setup. Same results

2) Though I might have a driver version issue. I have installed (from .run files) the last two drivers I could get from nvida. I have also tried the binary RPMs for the distros I have tried.

3) Though it could not hurt to try a few distros to see if a compiler, library, etc could be an issue (love rebuilding kernels on this system darn fast). Nope, same results. Tried RedHat fedora 5, Mandriva 2006, ubuntu.

4) Thought there might be issues with onboard I/O. I have tried disabling the audio, ethernet, 1394, and USB. Same results.

So, I am at a loss. As per your instructions I am ataching the requested log file

I have tried the Mesa demos to see if that might trigger anything. glxgears works fine.
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