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Default Re: OpenGL fullscreen resize problem

0) How are you determining that the system is hanging? Have you tried to ping/ssh/telnet the system?

The system does not respond to keystrokes (including ctrl-alt-backspace and ctrl-del)
You can not ssh into the machine
In fact, if will not respond to ARP requests.
The kernel has stopped, as far as I can tell

1) Does this crash reproduce with 1.0-8762 as well?

I did test this on the Mandriva 2006 setup yes. It failed as well in the same way.
However, I was not able to test this in the Fedora Core 5 enviroment. (gave up, kernel panic on boot issues).

2) Why are you booting with the noapic parameter? Does the crash reproduce if you boot with pci=noacpi instead?

I have had stability problems on the AMD platform with apic, disabling it makes the problem go away. I will test the pci=noacpi and report the results.

3) Does the crash reproduce with a more recent (2.6.17.x) kernel?

I did try to get this running on the Fedora Core 5 setup, but as stated gave up. I can give this a go on the Mandriva platform to see what results.

4) Have you verified that you're using the latest BIOS for the motherboard?

I belive I have. This I will check as well.

Thanks for the input. I will get back on experiment #2, then 3 and I will verify 4.
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