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Default Re: Argh! Help! Is LCD scaling still broken in 8762?

Same issue for me since release. Because i game widscreen this makes all 4:3 games unplayable. Thus i'm using XP for the past couple months.

Many other issues too. Dual core with nvidia seems to piss off alot of games on ubuntu, fedora, and opensuse. Haven't tried any others.

I have 3 viewsonic widescreens and on all three the 7900GTX will not allow 1680x1050 unless i specify special modes with "1680x1050_60". Otherwise i get out of range errors. This also happens on XP with centered no scaling. Only fix is to use 7800GTX port 2 instead of port 1. But on the 7900GTX, there is no fix. forums all over the internet on this issue.

... dissappointed.
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