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Default New Vidcard or MOBO?

I have a Athalon XP 2800+, 512Mb ram, NF2 MCP mobo (AU31), GF FX5700Ultra. what would i see the best from on an upgrade? i can swing $100 mabe $150 if i scrape real hard. I dont plan on doing any upgrades beyond this for probably atleast a year or more.

I play Dungeon Seige 2 and NFS MW currently and they play fine just with a few jitters every now and then at Mid settings. it does not pause long enough to interupt game play but it is enough to be annoying.

Heck my dads Sempron 1800+ at 1.5ghz, 512Mb ram, X800(something like that) laptop plays it close to the same as mine.

Again i would like to know what would give the best effect when i upgrade. i plan to add some ram soon as well but if i can get more effect from something else..
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