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Originally posted by ChrisRay
If you can see past your brand loyalty you will realise the r300 is the most limited programmable graphics card that meets DirectX 9.0 standards.
you should stop looking for phrasings like this that make the r300 seem like it's inferior. the 9700pro/9500pro are absolutely amazing cards and ATI have really raised the bar whereas for years have been pushing the same old core with slight improvements. nvidia finally seemed to actually do some work for the NV30, but then it turns out to use the same old AA techniques, to not be a true 8x1 architechture, and turns up half a year late and hotter and noisier and hyped with more BS than ever card ever before. and to add to it all they use driver hacks just to keep up with a 7 month old competing card.

you're the one who's blinded by brand loyalty, not me. ATI should be congratulated for the r300. nvidia should be criticised for the NV30. of course there are some good things about it, but if you care about the graphics industry nvidia needs to be sent a clear message that customers will not accept being bullsh!ted in this way. now is not the time for apologists.
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