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Default Re: Opinions on driver license

Originally Posted by Henning Rogge
I switched to an nvidia card a few months ago because ati drivers suck (and my old ati card had a hardware problem suddenly). Would be a great joke (from the universe) if NOW ati release OS drivers and NVidia don't.
the ATI-AMD deal is not even certain (the shareholders still have to approve) and you are talking about open drivers. It may take month until the merger is complete. And even then it will be take more time, until AMD releases open drivers - if they ever do.

So even if they release some open drivers (and didn't they talk about 'basic drivers' in the article? Sounds like 2d.. and nothing more, because you don't even have 2d with current ATI... something nvidia does deliver), it may take 12 month and more.. so far in the future that it is time for a hardware upgrade anyway... maybe nouveau has some drivers ready. and what would you do in that case?
Basic drivers from amd? alpha drivers from nouveau? closed source from nvidia?

Tough decision...

no, not really.. I would go nvidia... two parties delivering drivers, one experimental, one working, is better than one party delivering 'some kind of drivers'.
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