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Default Re: Crashing when SMP enabled

Originally Posted by chunkey
Are you sure your PSU is OK?
Since I've "more or less the same system".
4200+ X2, A8N-SLI (Premium) 1009 Bios, 2x Gigabyte 6600GT (SLI works.)
May I ask what size PSU you are using? I understand SLI requires a lot of power whereas I use only a single 6600GT.

I was actually suspicious about my PSU already...
I noticed that all of the voltages (3.3, 12, etc) were measuring noticably lower than they should be. My cheap PSU rated at 550W was originally powering five SCSI disk drives as well as the two IDEs, and a large number of fans to keep them all cool. This was stable with my single-core Athlon64.

However, I tried powering up the system with power only to the motherboard and CPU fan connected, and the BIOS hardware monitor showed that the voltages were still low. I assumed from this that it was probably 'natural' for that PSU to put out those voltages (and the voltage drop wasn't due to being overloaded). This is when I (perhaps wrongly) 'ruled-out' the PSU as being the problem. Unfortunately with the hard drives disconnected I can't boot Linux at all so I can't test the stability under an SMP kernel.

Also, when using the dual-core chip under a uniprocessor kernel, I've not experienced any crashes in over a week, whereas the SMP kernel will crash as soon as X starts up.

If you think the PSU's low output could be causing this I will get hold of a a better quality PSU to try. In the meantime I have already ordered an external storage array to house my SCSI drives and power them, to take load off the base unit's PSU. I may even use it as an opportunity to 'start over' with a fresh Debian install and see if I run into the same problems again or not.

Thanks again, I really appreciate these suggestions.
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