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Originally posted by ChrisRay
Like I said, Your reading comprehension is absolutely sub par at best, I am not comparing the cards architecture other than programmability,

In Which the r300 is the least programmable DirectX 9.0 card available. Offering the most limited DirectX 9.0 functionality.

The Nv30 And its successors Plus the R350 offer incredible advancement in Pixel Shading programming.

Your just using selective reasoning and completely ignoring the argument that the r300 is the most limited DX 9.0 card programmability wise.

The card itself is FINE, But it offers the most limitations from a programmers point of view, Just like the r300 offers more programmability than the R200 or the Nv25,

Its called progression in technology, The Nv30 does have more programmability than the r300. Thats what we are discussing. This is what you seem to be unable to comprehend.

If you can't accept the fact that the Nv30 offers superior programmability to the R300, Then nothing is going to make you see that.

I'm no expert on the r350 but it seems to tackle the problems of the r300, Also offering superior programmablity.

I don't care about the things you listed, Because as a programmer, They are not important to me.

I care about only a few things when it comes to programming.

Feature Rich technology
Ease of use, And a good compiler,
and Alterior aproaches to similar functions.
no, you are still talking BS. phrases like "Offering the most limited DirectX 9.0 functionality" are BS because DX9 is not about just programmability. the R300 currently offeres the best DX9 functionality because it is the only with WHQL certified drivers and is DX9 compliant ALL the time (and is also widely available and relatively cheap - 9500pro is best bang for buck card ever). also, the programmability you're talking about is not to do with DX9 at all, it's DX9+.

if you want to just talk about programmabilty separately from any other issues (e.g. actually being available to buy) then don't use such BS general phrases like "Offering the most limited DirectX 9.0 functionality".

say things like "NV30 supports x number of instructions, whereas R300 has y number".

and you're also only talking about specs. you really think many programmers will code for NV30's DX9+ abilities given how few are available and the NV30 is crippled by its 128 bit memory anyway? (you think many will even code for DX9 at all until we're into the R400+ era?)
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