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Originally posted by Captain Beige
you really think many programmers will code for NV30's DX9+ abilities given how few are available and the NV30 is crippled by its 128 bit memory anyway?
Yes, because the NV30 is now going mainstream ok. The fact here is, one that you might not like - they will sell on the name alone. Nvidia, its been the dogs watsits for a long time and the new versions will sell on that. So developers are more likley to code games for the card that has the highest market share, and take advantage of features there in.

Lets just see what happens shall we? None of us really know and I for one am starting to get bored of the whole NV30 vs 9700 vs 9800 vs R400 blah blah, IQ comparisons and bechmarks... ffs its not worth it unless something has changed. New drivers then fine, but people are just regurgitating the same arguments over and over (and im not just talking about this forum - everywhere)
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