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Originally posted by Nutty
Using the 42.68 drivers yes, PS2.0 performance _was_ crap.

Regardless of the IQ implications, the PS2.0 performance using the latest 43.45 drivers in 3dmark03 supasses the 9700 now.

They can probably get it faster too.

Its debatable whether Nvidia just lowered its precision or if they actually improved pixel shader 2.0 performance.

I imagine a little of both has happened.

I'd have to lean towards lowered precision. Here are some new screens from ps2.0 tests on 3dmark03:

Towards the end they include the reference picture. I'd suggest downloading all 4 pictures and comparing. The 43.00 drivers were by far the worst, but even the 43.45 drivers aren't rendering correctly. The most obvious difference is the lighting on the pedestal. Maybe someday Nvidia will be back to the "gold standard" drivers. But for now it just ain't happening.
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