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Originally posted by Captain Beige
by mainstream you mean 5600 and "DX9 for $79" 5200? 5200 and 5600 will be so crippled by low bandwidth that whether they support 50 or 5000 vertx/pixel instructions, or whatever you want to claim makes NV30 so fantasic, will be completely academic since they will be unusable at acceptable levels of performance.

and while nvidia is about the push DX9 to the mainstream ATI is obviously just standing still

it's not like they've already sold out every pre-order 9800pro. oh wait... yes they have, and that's just the 128MB version...
5800 Ultras disapear instantley also. Komplett had about 40 TerraTec cards in last week. They now have none.

The reason i think you were so bias btw is by looking at your signature and your avatar text .

Anyway, you seen the price of the 256mb version? How long will it take to arrive? Im not sure but its not like the 9800 128MB version has been delayed though... oh wait it has.

But you were not listening to my statement anyway. What ATI are doing for mainstream means **** all. What i said was the cards will sell on the Name alone. The average joe bloggs is going to walk in and look for the latest Nvidia card not ATI and he will find the 5600 Ultra. Performance means nothing at all - its the name. Apart from that the 9500 looks good against the 5600 right now but the 9500 is being phased out and ATI are being rather quiet about its replacements bechmarks... funny that (or have they actually released any yet?).

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