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Originally posted by Captain Beige
by mainstream you mean 5600 and "DX9 for $79" 5200? 5200 and 5600 will be so crippled by low bandwidth that whether they support 50 or 5000 vertx/pixel instructions, or whatever you want to claim makes NV30 so fantasic, will be completely academic since they will be unusable at acceptable levels of performance.
you assume there will be no driver updates. the 43.45 driver increased 3dmark2001 performance on the gfFX5200, who knows if any games benefitted?

and while nvidia is about the push DX9 to the mainstream ATI is obviously just standing still

it's not like they've already sold out every pre-order 9800pro. oh wait... yes they have, and that's just the 128MB version...
yeah, ATI is doing gamers a service by paper launching products. where the hell are the r9200 and r9600 benchmarks? the cards were launched ~4 weeks ago now along with the r9800!
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