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Default Re: Opinions on driver license

Originally Posted by Zerko
Seriosuly, who cares? It works, that's the important thing.
The problem is it doesn't work very well...

and it will be a problem with anyone with an old nvidia card. both 7xxx and 8xxx driver series is incompatible with the 7.1 generation of XOrg... the 9xxx generation will be compatible, but most older cards have only "legacy drivers" (7xxx)... do you think nvidia will create a 9xxx driver for the legacy cards or will modifiy the 7xxx drivers for xorg 7.1 ?

You'd have to know that NVidia cannot open their source code for a variety of reason. IP, 3rd party agreements, trade secrets, ugly uncommented code ..etc
Please tell me a single logical reason except "we like to stay in control" for nvidia why they cannot open source the interface definitions of their hardware. Just which registers you need to activate the features.
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