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Default Vertical frequency forced to 76Hz though set to 60 ;(

Hi all,

I have a BenQ LCD 19" monitor, and its display is quite blurry in 76Hz. Under win2K, I switched to 60Hz and everything is fine (a good frequency for a LCD).

I would like to do the same under linux/Xorg. I edited from scratch my xorg.conf file (just after I installed the driver from this site), setting a monitor that could run 1280x1024 in 60Hz only. When I run Xorg with default nv driver, it works in 60Hz.

But as soon as I set the driver to nvidia (since I need to use OpenGL a lot), it switches to 76Hz. It works, but becomes blurry.

It seems that nvidia driver overrides xorg.conf settings: how to fix it?

Thanks for any hint.

Best regards,

I'd just have you notice that I did big efforts to tune my monitor panel settings so as to correct the picture as far as possible, but there is still a big gap in image quality between 60 and 76Hz. I had a Sparkle 6600 with the same LCD, and 76Hz was not a problem. But with my new PNY 6600 GT 128Mo (AGP), it is blurry.
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